Two die in new Legionella outbreak linked to top Lisbon hospital .


Two people are dead, three are in intensive care and almost 30 more have been affected by a Legionella outbreak linked to Lisbon’s SÃ0 Francisco Xavier hospital.

According to reports, the potentially-deadly bacteria could be circulating on the outside of building, bearing in mind that one victim contracted it without spending much time in the hospital at all.

Contingency methods include closing down air-conditioning sources and widespread cleaning.

Health director Graca Freitas described the moves as a form of a shock treatment to interrupt contamination.

The two people who died, a man and a woman, were both in their 70s. It is understood that they contracted the bacteria after visiting the hospital’s out-patient facilities.

UPDATE: Since writing this story, the total number of people affected by this outbreak, including the two that died, has gone up to 38.

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